Lanna Thai Villa Chiang Rai Guesthouse
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Having done the tourist itinerary and enjoyed it immensely we were looking for some real Thailand - and we found it with Steve and Sermsri. We had seen umpteen temples and Buddhas but Steve managed to show us yet more, really different ones - especially noteworthy - the White Temple. The Hill tribe villages were very interesting, especially their music and dancing. Each tribe having their own individual sounds and rhythms. As for the pottery, we only wished we had a trailer so we could have brought some home - they were wonderful. Best of all was the visit to the spinning and weaving house where the cotton and dyes were all grown in the garden and the ladies sat on the floor to prepare and make the fibres. We did manage to bring some fabric back with us - a lovely reminder of our stay in Thailand. Steve and Sermsri could not have been more kind and helpful and the food was wonderful.

All in all - "What are you waiting for?"
John and Anna Perry,
Valeilles, France, November, 23-24, 2009.


Stayed two nights at Lanna Thai Villa, then toured the North for four days. Drove back to Chiang Mai. Wonderful journey, culture and conversation! Excellent experience, service, comfort and food.

Muy Excellente!!!
Steve Dank,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, December 16-22, 2009


We spent 4 days with Steve and Sermsri in the place that offered a truly incredible experience of relaxation in the peaceful surroundings of Chiang Rai. The whole place is beautifully decorated. The bedrooms are spacious with attached Western style bathrooms. The pool makes it a picture perfect villa; we did not expect to see a residential pool so large - it feels like you are at a resort. Our son could not resist and enjoyed the pool even in the December cool weather. The visit to the local temples - uniquely built and ornate, the incredible hosts, did everything possible to make our stay perfect; from the personal welcome at the airport upon arrival and at departure, visit to local interesting places, and best of all - excellent homemade food
by Sermsri. We would recommend the villa to anyone who desires the quiet solitude and an absolutely first class property. Its a true paradise.

Its a True Paradise
Mana, Vimol and Max Katkaphan
Sunland, California, Dec. 23 - 27, 2009


We arrived after only 3 hours notice and everything was just perfect! We didnt know what to expect in such a little place - a village outside Amphur Thoeng - and we were amazed! Such comfort and pampering! ...Again our many thanks for such an enjoyable short stay.

Such comfort and pampering.
Stephen and Suwadee Salmon and Andy Bond
Bangkok, Thailand, January 6-7, 2010.


Having six days to settle in, tour the surrounding area (in sunshine) and have the added benefit of restful rain, has given me the complete trip I was seeking. The home front here is a dream. A perfect retreat. Sermsri's cooking has been a delight. I hope to return in the future. 

Thanks for making this such a memorable trip.
Karen Higgins,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 5 - 10, 2010.


Your new home is a dream. Just like the pictures... but even more so when you see the inside - the rooms, so well appointed - and peaceful. Iam very impressed with all that you give to have the good fortune to meet you here at Lanna Thai Villa. We have had so many exciting and beautiful experiences to carry inside ourselves for many years to come. Thank you, till next time.

So many exciting and beautiful experiences.
Ed and Anne Praczukowski,
Seattle, Washington, November 2 - 18, 2010


We were very fortunate to have found this wonderful haven. We enjoyed our restful stay and we were sorry that it wasnt longer. Our room was impeccably decorated and only a few steps from the pool. The house they have built out here in the countryside is stunning. Sermsri prepared a delicious curry soup along with three different Thai dishes that we couldnt stop eating.

Wonderful haven.
Gary and Rose Zinkann, 
Chicago, Illinois, December. 16-17, 2010


Three nights in this lovely part of Thailand simply was not enough! We will return.
Thank you for the experiences of a lifetime and introducing us to local cultures.

We will return.
Karrie-Ann Kubatko and Art McCormick, 
Columbus and Toledo, Ohio, December. 17 -20, 2010


We spent four nights here and it is just not enough to explore this wonderful part of Thailand so rich in culture. And, what a haven of peace and tranquility this house is. Steve and Sermsri's hospitality and knowledge of this region is priceless. We have to return one day soon!

A haven of peace and tranquility.
Anna and Anushka Stabrawa,
Bangkok, Dec. 26 - 30, 2010


ผมและครอบครัว มี แม่มล ลูกฟ้าและลูกเมฆ ได้มีโอกาสมาพักที่บ้านของคุณสตีฟกับคุณเสริมศรี ซึ่งเป็นพ่อแม่ของศิลา เพื่อนของน้องฟ้า มาพักที่นี่
2 คืนรู้สักประทับใจที่ทั้ง 2 ดูแลเอาใจใส่เป็นอย่างดี อำนวยความสะดวกให้ทุกอย่าง รู้สึกเกรงใจมาก บ้านบริเวณรอบๆและห้องต่างๆจัดไว้ได้อย่าง
ลงตัว สวยมากๆ ต้องขอบคุณท่านทั้งสองไว้ ณ โอกาสนี้ด้วย

ดร.บัณฑิต ครุฑางคระ และครอบครัว,

สมุทรปราการ 31 ธันวาคม 2553 - 2 มกราคม 2554


Thank you for your warm hospitality. I will carry memories of beautiful Chiang Rai Province, smiles of families in the hills, patterns of weaving from magic looms - May our paths cross again.

May our paths cross again.
Irene Felsman
Pretoria, South Africa - Jan. 10 - 13, 2011


While traveling around the North of Thailand coming to a village and finding such a beautiful place to rest is a great pleasure.
Getting to know you and spending some time talking and visiting Thai Lue villages was a real treat. Thank you for a memorable day. We hope to see you again and stay a bit longer in your lovely house.

A memorable day.
Renate, Stefan and Mischa Loose
Berlin, Germany January 29-30, 2011


How lucky we feel to have made the decision to come stay with you in your beautiful house. Your warmness and hospitality were what one gets when they come back home to relatives. We feel priveledged to have been able to share your joy for life and the serenity your house exudes. We look forward to returning to this area and hopefully
planting seeds to root of our own in Chiang Rai Province. It will be hard saying goodbye but much easier with the knowledge of our reuniting one day soon in the future.

It will be hard saying goodbye.
Curt, Gee and Tay
Tucson, Arizona, April 24 - May 7, 2011


What a beautiful place!! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! It was great fun seeing the Teak Temple, the weaving and most importantly, the Rocket Festival! Steve did a fantastic job finding the festival out in the middle of nowhere. It was a great adventure for all of us! The next day was a trip to Phu Chi Fah to hike to the outlook. Another great adventure! Sermsri's cooking was phenomenal! We never went hungry. We were spoiled the entire stay! The company was great, the beer was cold, the pool was a perfect temp., the rooms were comfortable and the food was to die for! The perfect way to end an awesome vacation! Cant wait to return.

We were spoiled the entire stay!
Eric and Andrea Stover
Seattle, Washington, May 19-22, 2011


A very relaxing place which has beautiful decor. Very luxurious even being so far off the beaten track. Stephen and Sermsri were as friendly as can be and the vegetarian cooking was delicious. We will definitely be recommending this to our expat friends.

A very relaxing place.
Pedro, Jenny and Gillian Joseph
Bangkok, Thailand, July 3-6, 2011


We stayed with Steve and Sermsri for 8 nights while on honeymoon in Thailand. We wish we had spent the entire duration here in their wonderful home! From the minute Steve picked us up at the airport it was like catching up with an old friend. Steve took us on many trips during our stay and his knowledge of local areas and customs is exceptional. Sermsri treated us like family from the moment she met us and had cooked for us some of the best food we have ever eaten!! During our stay Steve and Sermsri even arranged for us to take part in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony. They took care of every detail including a party to celebrate afterwards with Sermsri's family. The fun and good humor that night transcended language barriers and we havent laughed so much in ages!! They are all very special people. We will be taking away so many wonderful memories of our stay that will last a lifetime. Our honeymoon could not have been better.

So many wonderful memories
Andrew Desmond & Michelle Holmes
Birmingham, England, Sept.20 - 28, 2011


We found ourselves tired of cities (BKK, CM and CR) and luckily discovered the Villa, Steve, Sermsri, Spike and fellow guest Nelson. Over five (ish) days we experienced true hospitality, incredible generosity, and the rich (and often complex) experiences of Northern Thai culture. A local festival, hike in the hills/ (with a pair of 10 year old Hmong guides) and recon to the Laos border. We found great laughter and incredible rest - and the food kept coming - homecooking better than the best Boston restaurants.

We will be in touch - and send our friends.
Michelle and Samantha
Boston, Massachusetts, October 15 - 20, 2011.


Thanks for the hospitality

Stayed two nights here in this beautiful Villa. Our bus arrived one hour late due to some mechanical breakdown and when we got off at the bus station we saw Steve and Sermsri were there waiting. Interesting trip to the teak temple and Phu Chi Fah. Thanks for the hospitality.

Shing and Maggie
Hong Kong, November 4-5, 2011


Best food and most comfortable bed in Asia

We stayed two nights and found it beautiful and welcoming. Steve and Sermsri took care of us completely. We will definitely be back if we are close by. Thanks for looking after us so well!! Best food and most comfortable bed in Asia.

Katherine and Jon
Melbourne, Australia, December 13 - 14, 2011


Wir im Paradies.

Nach einer harten Radtour von Chiang Khong sind wir im Paradies gelandet. Wir haben eine wunderbare Nacht hier verbracht und wurden super verwohnt. Vielen Dank.

Ursula and Daniel
Engelberg, Schweiz December 17, 2011


Thank you so much for everything. Steve and Sermsri gave us such warm thoughtful care so that we could totally relax during our stay. Apple pie was very sweet! It was delicious and filled with the warmth of their heart. Thank you very very much. We will go to see you both, definitely.

Such warm thoughtful care
Masa and Mari
Tokyo, Japan December 18, 20111 - Jan. 1, 2012


My wife and I stayed for an enjoyable evening of rest. A most pleasant stay. We really loved all the art and the beauty of this place.

A most pleasant stay.
Surin, Thailand January 8, 2012

เป็นครั้งแรกที่ได้มาเยือนเชียงราย รู้สึกประทับใจกับการต้อนรับและดูแลของคุณเจ้าของบ้านมาก เป็นกันเอง บริเวณบ้านสะอาด สวยงามมาก ต้องขอขอบคุณอย่างจริงใจ ถ้่ามีโอกาสจะแวะมาอีกครั้ง

สุนรินทร์ ประเทศไทย 8 มกราคม 2555


I think my good star was very brilliant the day I met Steve and Sermsri! I couldnt imagine to spend a better night, a more restful stay, and meet so nice people! I'm on a looong trip walking, and thanks to people like Steve and Sermsri, I can go on, my body batteries full. 

Thank you so much for your hospitality!!!
France, February 12, 201


We came as a family of four to explore the mountains and see what else Chiang Rai had to offer. We were given a good selection of places to go complete with directions and we found them all. And such a welcoming and comfortable place to stay between trips. Five nights of perfect relaxation. Three hundred photographs to take back. It could not have been better. Our thanks to our hosts Steve and Sermsri.

It could not have been better.
Charles, Nee, Alan and David
Bangkok, Thailand, February 20-25, 2012


My husband and I found this amazing "oasis" on our cycling trip through SE Asia. We love everything about this spot. The peace, pool, dogs and of course the hospitality of Steve & Sermsri. Many thanks.

We love everything about this spot.
Janis and David
Ontario, Canada, March 4, 2012


Thank you so much for a wonderful visit. You are excellent hosts, checking on every want of your guests. Knowledgable of the area, you are also excellent guides to get to know the people and culture of the area. Your house is lovely. You are fortunate to be here every day.

Thank you so much for a wonderful visit.
Linda S. McIntosh
Bangkok, Thailand, March 9-11, 2012


Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality. You are lovely people!
Your home is beautiful and relaxing. But even more than that your
warmth and loving kindness was a blessing to me. I will remember the
two of you and my time here forever in my heart. I wish you many blessings.

Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality.
California, USA, April 3-6, 2012.


We would like to thank you for warm welcome.
It seems that we stay in our house... we are both
happy here.... nice to meet you .. hope we meet

Thank you for warm welcome.
Suwat and Wiparat
Chiang Mai, Thailand, May 8, 2012


Tres heureux de decouvrir ce havre de tranquilite...
et nous n'oublierons pas ces delicieux moments
avec Monsieur et Madame qui nous recoivent chez
eux avec beaucoup de delicatesse! Nous avons eu
beaucoup de plaisir de gouter a la piscine. Merci
beaucoup pour votre chaleureux accueil!

Tres heureux de decouvrir ce havre de tranquilite.
Gaston Kung
Dok Kham Tai, Phayao, Thailand, April 9, 2012


We have a very happy time.
We like this place. Thank you
very much.

We like this place.
Yuriko Yoshida and Sachiko Yoshida
Japan, April 13 - 16, 2012


Thank you for making our short visit to Chiang Rai
an enjoyable & memorable one! We had a lot of
fun at the rocket festival - what a unique experience.
Your house is beautiful & Sermsri, the food was
delicious. Look forward to visiting again before we
depart Thailand.

Look forward to visiting again.
Shirley, Kevin & Milton
Bangkok, Thailand,   June 4, 2012


Thank you very much for your warm welcome.
We have a very good time here. Your house &
pool are very nice. You made our Chiang Rai trip
different. Hopefully, we will have chance to come
back again.

Hopefully we will have chance to come back again.
Chutima L.
Bangkok, Thailand, July 8, 2012


My stay with you this 5-6 days has been incredible and beyond my expectations! You have been very kind, gracious and light hearted in opening your guest home and life to give me a most memorable holiday in Chiang Rai. I felt rested, well fed and peaceful, even with Spike, who learned to love me a little. Thank you for making the wedding with the hill tribes possible, the weaving, pottery, art, temples and my new dress as well. I will always cherish my time here, hope to return some day. You are perfect hosts.

I will always cherish my time here.
Monterrey, California  November 22-27, 2012


Thank you very much for the warm stay and pleasant welcoming.

Bart and Wasana
Belgium/Thailand, December 25, 2012


Thank you for such a warm and pleasant stay in your wonderful home.
We really enjoyed your delicious home cooked food. Eddie thought the
swimming pool was great. We appreciated your suggestions for our
itineraries - this helped us to make good use of our time. The day trip
around local temples and the weaving factory and Khun Malee's house
was great. We'll be back!

We really enjoyed your delicious home cooked food.
Nigel, Nid and Eddie
Bangkok, December 25 - 28, 2012.


Thanks!! and much satisfied!!
I feel very happy to spend last day in 2012 in such nice place with kind people.
Thank you so much. I like this place.

I like this place. Come back again.
Kentako, Satom and Hitomi
Japan, December 31, 2012


Thanks for a calm and pleasant two nights in your home.
We were needing a break and this was it. You answered
our many questions, fed us, toured your village and sent
us along in a good state.

We were needing a break and this was it.
Bob and Mary
France, January 6-8, 2013


Thanks for your hospitality and a very pleasant stay!
Would have loved to stay longer and look forward to
visiting you again!

Look Forward to Visiting You Again
Moritz and Mischa
Berlin, Germany February 2, 2013


Thank you very much for everything - the interesting tour with
much information as well as for the delicious food and friendliness.
We hope to come back and/or meet you in Switzerland to say Gruezi.

We Hope to Come Back
Barbara & Markus
Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Feb. 16 & 17, 2013


Difficult to find, but what a place. So beautiful and
quiet and excellent food. Thank you for a lovely stay.

What a Place
Jorgen and Merethe
Jutland,Denmark, February 28, 2013


What a beautiful place to be.
What a kindness people.
What a good dinner and breakfast
What a marvelous Lanna design.
Thank you for all.

What a Beautiful Place To Be
Ria, Frits, Yos and Inge
Netherlands and and Mae Rim, Thailand
March 10, 2013


After a long ride by bike we were dreaming of the pool....
and after every sign on the road with picture of Lanna
Thai Villa we have driven faster! What a nice place to
stay and relax and to fill the batteries with energy. It's
a pity our cycling clothes are dry otherwise we would stay
one more night. Thank you for the excellent food and
your lovely hospitality.

What a Nice Place to Stay and Relax
Daniela and Christian
Bern Switzerland, March 25, 2013


We are so glad we found Lanna Thai Villa. We have had the
most wonderful relaxing time, with the best Thai food we have
ever had, wonderful hospitality and we have seen a very special
part of Thailand. We are sad to leave, but will be back to stay again.
Thanks to Steve, Sermsri and also to Nelson for your great company
and conversation.

We are sad to leave.
Brian and Rosemary
Victoria, Australia, July 26-29, 2013


Nice to be here... hope to come again.
It is very nice place, we have a great moment here.
Very comfortable, beautiful room ka!

Hope to come again.
Sumalee, Kanokwan and Nichamon
Bangkok, October 17


Thank you for a most welcoming stay. You have created a
fantastic place to relax and unwind whilst visiting our local friends.
We will definitely return when we visit our friends again.

Thank you for a fantastic stay. My friends and I felt very
welcome from start to finish. Our six days in Lanna Thai Villa have
left a lasting impression and the food has been great. Will see
you on our next visit.

A fantastic place to relax.
Mark and Peter
Adelaide, Australia, October 18 - 24, 2013


I would like to say thank you very much for your preparation
and take care our group from Chiang Mai. Your accommodation
very nice and clean, your service is very excellent. I hope we
will see you again and send our guest from The Rabbit Travel
and Accommodation Co. Ltd.

Your Service is Very Excellent
Worapol and Niramon
Chiang Mai, November 1, 2013


Thank you so much for a wonderful stay! Steve, our bike
rides will remain one of my best memories of Thailand. I
leave you with all my spirits around me and a sense of
peace & calm. I hope to see you again.

One of My Best Memories of Thailand
Denver, Colorado, November 9 -13, 2013


What a beautiful home you have. The experience of being here
in total comfort, surrounded by a little authentic Thai village, fed
by a wonderful Thai cook, entertained and squired around by
someone who speaks English and Thai and is very knowledgeable
about the country and the people, is an unbeatable combination.
For my first experience in Thailand I couldn't have asked for anything better.

I Couldn't Have Asked for Anything Better.
Denver, Colorado November 9 - 13, 2013


Thank you for the wonderful vacation! Beautiful house,
great food and memorable experiences! Don't worry
about the fog and Phu Chi Fah, it was a great journey
and thank you for being part of it. Best health and
happiness. Till we meet again.

Thank you for the wonderful vacation.
Ken and Yin
Singapore, November 26-28, 2013


What an island of peace! A beautiful, harmonic home, warm and caring welcome:
We would like to stay forever!
Sports are not forgotten about, with nice bikes and a most remarkable
sport - semi - Olympic pool: Paradise. Most remarkable: cooking of excellence.

We would like to stay forever.
Marcus and Gabi
Munich, Germany, December 8 - 10, 2013


Thank you very much for your wonderful and great
hospitality. It's our pleasure to know you and
K. Sermsri. This is a wonderful place to stay, beautiful
house, great food and very good memory here. We
are all looking forward to stay here again soon and
surely will tell our friends about your place and your
great hospitality.

We are all looking forward to stay here again soon.
K. Jarunee Group
Bangkok, Thailand, December 30, 2013


Thank you for your kind hospitality, graciousness, friendliness and
delicious food! We really enjoyed staying here at your beautiful and
artistically decorated villa. It really was a very pleasant and relaxing stay.
Hope to visit your Lanna Thai Home Stay  in the near future!

Thank you for your kind hospitality.
Joey and Kelvyn
Singapore, January 14-16, 2014


Thanks so much for this Home Stay. You guys are very welcoming.
From the time we arrived, you guys were there at the gate waiting
for us. I like the environment and enjoyed myself tremendously at
this Villa. Sermsri's cooking warm my heart - actually my stomach. Ha Ha!
Thanks for always checking that we had enough food and that we are
comfortable. The room is really comfy and I slept well. Hope to see you
guys in the future.

I like the environment and enjoyed myself tremendously.
Singapore, January 14 - 16, 2014


I truly enjoyed this Home Stay. Your hospitality and warm
approach is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your yummy
cooking, always making sure we are well fed, great toilet,
warm shower and the pool that my room is facing help to
stimulate tranquility to the landscape. Will definitely recommend
this accommodation to all my friends.

Your hospitality and warm approach is greatly appreciated.
Singapore, January 14 - 16, 2014


Thank you for making our holiday a beautiful and wholesome
one. A great place coupled with great hosts like you makes
this experience a truly memorable one. We hope to see you

A great place coupled with great hosts.
Singapore, January 14 - 16, 2014


It was a pleasure to stay in this beautiful place!
We feel like home and hope to come back again
for a longer stay! Thank you for your hospitality.

We feel like home.
Silke and Ingo Michaelis
Hamburg, Germany, February 4, 2014


Thanks for a very pleasant stay, so far...cause I expect to
visit you again in a couple of weeks!!!

Thanks for a very pleasant stay.
Netherlands, February 9-12, 2014


Tres agreable de se poser dans un lieu si paisible et beau.
Un regale court mais memorable! Un accueil chaleureux.

Un accueil chaleureux.
Carmen and friends
France, February 19, 2014


Vielen Dank Steve und Sermsri, fur die freundliche Aufnahme in
ihren wunderschonen Haus. Wir haben das gute Abendessen mit
ihnen genossen. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen! Alles gute
und Gesundheit.

Wir haben das gute Abendessen.
Lida und Manfred
Munich, Germany, March 14, 2014


Step across the threshold of Lanna Thai Villa and
enter another world! One of art, culture and cuisine.
Sermsri makes the best Thai food ever and combined
with Steve's tour guiding skills and the welcome from
Coco, Fino and Spike made our visit unique.

Sermsri makes the best Thai food ever.
Tammy and Frank
Brisbane, Australia, April 5 - 10, 2014


Thank you so much, Steve and Sermsri, for the lovely
experience at Lanna Thai Villa. I've already emailed
my cousin, and I shall certainly tell everyone back home.
Steve: You have given me so many insights into Thai
culture and politics. I particularly liked the last day
when we did a little hiking up in the mountains along
(and even over!) the Laos border. Sermsri - you are
the perfect hostess, and I shall not forget your cooking.
It is also fascinating to know someone who actually
grew up here. Consequently, I dont feel like a tourist,
but a friend.

Thank you so much.
Birmingham, England  May 24-29, 2014


Dear Steve and Sermsri, Thank you very much for lovely time at your Villa,
and for great books about hill tribes. I will come back soon.

I will come back soon.
Chiang Rai, June 12, 2014


I like the pool very much because it's big and not too deep for me. I like to play
with Spike a lot and watch movies in the movie room. Best Wishes - Carmella

I really enjoyed my stay at Lanna Thai Villa! I loved going swimming and watching
movies in the cinema room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were fantastic. I have
never tasted such rich food in my life! I hope to come here again. - Maximus

Thank you for a wonderful stay at Lanna Thai Villa. It has been an oasis of
tranquility and the cinema room is a wonder to behold. You have taken care of
our every need. You have a lovely home and we appreciate the very warm
welcome you gave us. All the best.

Thank you for a wonderful stay - James and Min
James, Min, Maximus and Carmella
Bangkok, July 16-18,2014


Nous avons passe trosi belles journees malgres une pluie de moissons saisoniaire,
la beaute du paysage, le calm et le retour a la nature nous a permis de nous
ressourcer et de nous reposer dans cette agreable demeure. A tres bientot nous

Nous avons passe trois belles journees.
Michel and friends
Belgium, July 5-8, 2014


It was such a blessing for me to be with the two of you again in your
lovely home. I was very enriched by your (both of you) sharings and
wisdom about Thailand. Sermsri your wonderful meals were
outstandingly delicious! Steve, thank you for all your loving kindnesses
you did for Laura and I. The most wonderful thing was being with the
two of you and your beautiful spirits. Thank you so much.

Wonderful meals were outstandingly delicious.
Maureen and Laura
United States, July 24-27, 2014


Thank you for your kindness, food, place for sleeping and
good conversation on Buddhism. Hope to see you and have
more chance to talk with you again.

Thank you for your kindness.
Venerables Wisit, Taweepong and
Wat Suan Dok, Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 27-28. 2014


Hous cherchions simplement une chambre pour passer le nuit,
nous avons decouvert un veritable petit coin de paradis, havre
de paix que nous quittons a regrets. Merci pour votre accueil et
votre hospitalite. Ne changez surtout rien!

Un veritable petit coin de paradis.
Lucas et Pascal
France, July 31 - August 2,2014


Merci pour cet accueil fantastique. Nous avons ete conquis parer
le formidable confort et la decoration de ce resort. C'est un etablissement
que nous n'oublirons pas. Steve et Sermsri nous ont recu comme
des rois. Les informations recuse pour la poursuite du voyage dans
la region de Nan sont aussi tres precieuses. Bref cet etablissement
est exceptionnel.

Steve et Sermsri nous ont recu comme des rois.
Jean Claude et Annie
Belgium, October 31, 2014


Lack, so schon! Mir chomed wiedes!

Mir chomed wiedes!
Sebastian and Oy
Switzerland and Laos, November 10, 2014


Thanks to Steve and Sermsri. What a wonderful
and quiet place to stay and relax. We had a
delicious dinner and oppulent breakfast. Thanks
for all of it.

What a wonderful and quiet place to stay.
Eva and Herbert
Munchen, Germany, November 14, 2014


What a wonderful surprise, meeting you,
sharing meals, talking about the borderlands,
swimming laps of the pool. Thank you for your
hospitality. We sincerely hope to return.

We sincerely hope to return
Des, Olivia and Cameron
Canberra, Australia   December 2-4, 2014


Thank you so much for a comfortable accommodation.
The food was awesome! I love the fish dish last night
especially. Enjoyed movie and the collection is great!
See you soon on the next visit - Ryuta.

Thank you so much for everything!!! I really had good
time and we were so happy! Sermsri's meal was really
good!! fish, chicken, pork, eggs, soup, pudding and I
love your smiles - Meri

The Food Was Awesome
Ryuta and Meri
Chiang Mai and Japan, December 20, 2014


We googled for accommodations near Phu Chi Fa and this marvelous
Villa appeared. We decided to take a chance at the wonderful home
stay and are so happy we did. We arrived late in the evening and
were warmly welcomed by both Steve and Sermsri. We've had an
exceptional stay and look forward to coming back here soon. We've
enjoyed the rooms, the pool and the delicious food. Aroy di mak mak!
Best wishes.

We've had an exceptional stay
Emily, Bao, Mai Tong, Mee, Mai Sheng and Lee
USA, December 28-30, 2014


Thank you for your warm welcome, generosity and kindness.
We've had a great stay at Lanna Thai. Easy access to Phi Chi Fa
and was wonderful to witness some traditional Thai culture at
the temple on New Years eve. Restaurant recommendation was
great, the home theater awesome and the rooms very comfortable.

PS Your dog Spike is very cute! Simra

The Home Theater Awesome and the Rooms Very Comfortable
Uzma, Khurram, Sarin and Simra
Singapore, December 30, 2014 - January 1, 2015


ครอบครัวเราได้มาพักที่ ลานนา ไทย วิลล่า มีความสุขมาก เหมือนกลับมาเยี่ยมบ้านเรา เพราะคุณสตีฟและคุณเสริมศรี เจ้าของบ้านที่น่ารัก ดูแลให้ความรักเราดั่งญาติท่าน จึงรู้สึกอบอุ่นในบ้านแห่งความรักแห่งนี้

ขออวยพรให้คุณสตีฟ คุณเสริมศรี และทุกคนที่ทำให้บ้านนี้ประดุจ วิมานบนดิน มีความสุข มีความเจริญ เป็นที่รักของเทวดาและผู้คนทั่วไป มีความสุขในวิมานบนดินตลอดไปนะคะ


คาวมสุขและความอบอุ่นเปรียบเสมือน วิมานบนดิน
ไพลิน - Khun Pailin, Kru Noi's Group
กรุงเทพมหานคร ไทยม  2-4 มกราคม , January 2-4, 2015


ที่พักสวยสะอาด อบอุ่นกันเอง เจ้าของบ้านดูแลดีมาก
สวย อบอุ่นกันเอง อาหารอร่อย

คุณ สาโรจน์
กรุงเทพฯ  วันที่ 14 มกราคม 2558


Thank you so much for a wonderful stay.
You are the consummate hosts and your
hospitality is exceptional. Steve we are
so grateful for your exceptional knowledge
of the region, Thailand and its people. Sermsri
your cooking is to be remembered and your warmth
and caring. We are forever grateful for making it
such a memorable stay. Thank you to you both.

You are the consummate hosts.
Margaret and Greg
Melbourne, Australia, January 15-21, 2015


We wish you all the best and had a great stay again.
As always it's a pleasure to talk (or cycle) with Steve,
and Sermsri's cooking surely must be one of the best
East of Chiang Mai. Spikey will sure be missed until we
visit you next time - hopefully in two years time! Thanks
for your warm hospitality. Lanna Thai Villa will always be
one to remember for us.

Had a great stay again.
Mischa and Moritz
Berlin, Germany, January 25-27, 2015


Merci a Steve et Sermsri pour cette semaine inoubliable.
Nous avons pu profiter de la region hors des sentiers battus
.... grace a Steve...  Nous retournons chez nous avec des
souvenirs pleins la tete... une meilleure connaissance de ces
tribus montagnards. Nous avons vecu une experience
personnalisee... au- dela de nos attentes... Merci a tous
les doux pour votre generosite.

Medrci a Steve et Sermsri pour cette semaine inoubliable.
Sandrine, Phillipe, Lea, Yanis, Vincent and Patricia
France, February 11-18, 2015


Thank you so much for your hospitality. It has been such a
pleasure for our family during the unbelieveably amazing
stay. Steve surprised us with his wide range knowledge
and his splendid life experience. Sermsri seriously made
our family put on a lot of weight with her brilliant dishes.
We came as strangers and leave as friends. And, we even
spent the most important day of a year, the Chinese Spring
Festival here.  Feeling nothing but warmth. We wish you all the

We came as strangers and leave as friends.
Arlen, Bei, Sherry and Peggi
Chengdu, China, February 4-10 & 18-24, 2015


Steve and Sermsri, thank you so much for sharing your
lovely home with us. We loved the pool, amazing meals
and inviting rooms. Best of all, though, is your kindness.
Thanks for helpful suggestions for outings, for being
gracious with us concerning the chair in our room and
taking us to the weaving co-op. You have created a lovely
space to come and be refreshed. Thank you!

You have created a lovely space to come & be refreshed.
Kim, Tyler and Asher
Bangkok, April 15-18, 2015

Steve and Sermsri - Thank you for a beautiful place to be
refreshed and renewed and ready to face the concrete jungle
of Bangkok once again. I so appreciate your hospitality and
kindness - and amazing food.

Bangkok, April 15-18, 2015


Thank you so much for such a wonderful visit. The food and
drinks were out of this world. We felt so welcome and the
home is so welcoming - what a wonderful layout and pool!
The two of you were the most wonderful hosts, always
accommodating and always made us feel at ease. Your
service as a guide was over the top! Your knowledge of the
area and way with the people made our visit very special and
memorable. There is no way we would of had the experience of
Northern Thailand without you! Thanks again.

We felt so welcome
Barba Family
Pennsylvania, August 1-5, 2015


I do have one piece of advice - dont start your trips
from your home as no one will want to leave

I do have one piece of advice
Jack and Christine
Ashland, Oregon, November 4-8, 2015


We were very lucky to find this lovely place.
The friendly way of Steve and Sermsri and
the excellent cooking make our stay a great
pleasure. Steve gave us some great tips to
traveling around, so our trip to the Phu Chi
Fah was a great experience. Thanks a lot.

We were very lucky to find this lovely place.
Werner and Traudel
Munchen, Germany November 10-12, 2015


I have so very much enjoyed your beautiful Villa and our stay here.
Sermsri your cooking was fabulous. You were both gracious and
wonderful. Steve, you are a real trooper to put up with the 3 ladies
shopping sprees.  Thank you for taking us to the wonderful tapestry
shop where we found wonderful pieces. It was a wonderful time. The
pool was a real plus which I loved. Thank you for your hospitality, Iam
so glad we found you.

California, November 17 - 22, 2015

What a treat being with you at your Villa. It was both relaxing after a
two week intense trip to Bhutan and also filled with so much of beautiful
Northern Thailand. Loved visiting the many sites - especially the Teak
Temple, the relocated hill tribes and today's to the hill tribe still in their
original historic habitat, and the amazing experience of a spirit ceremony;
then off to your favorite textile store where we all found many treasures.
Your hospitality, knowledge and Sermsri's fantastic meals are deeply

California, November 17 - 22, 2015

WOW! No place to start or stop in singing your praises and giving thanks.
From your careful creation of a magical Villa, to deep knowledge of the
area and people, to magnificent food, generous hospitality etc. etc. etc.
Also celebrating flexibility that set the stage for an amazing trip to the hill
tribes on Saturday. To simply run across the teacher to happening to be
at the right time to witness a ceremony. You both are a gift for the people
who come here.

Portland, Oregon, November 17 - 22, 2015

What delights to be spoiled by Sermsri's amazing cuisine. You both are so
delightful. A forever memory.

Portland, Oregon, November 17 - 22, 2015


Thank you for the wonderful time!
The house is very beautiful
and you are warm and kind and
we are glad to celebrate New Years with you.

Thank you for the wonderful time.
Khun Virat and Family
Bangkok, Dec. 29, 2015 - Jan. 1, 2016


Well, the writers before mentioned all the noteworthy
facts about this lovely place. So we can add just one.
We are here our second time!

We Are Here Our Second Time
Chris and A
Bangkok, January 7 & 9, 2016


We have enjoyed your wonderful home and your input
in getting the most out of our stay. You are both so welcoming
and sincere. It has been great to talk to you about everything
from hill tribes to ancestry. The food is wonderful and the
accommodation exactly as we expected. Thank you both and
we hope to see you again. Best wishes.

You are both so welcoming and sincere.
Jean and Steve
England, February 25-27, 2016


Excellent Stay
Goong and Chai
Bangkok, March 19, 2016


Oh Sermsri and Steve, I have gained so much from you.
I feel so lucky. Thank you for giving me your friendship.
Your home is so pleasing to my eyes & spirit. And, I have
been far more able to write here than I ever imagined I
could. Thank you for good conversation & delicious food.
I wish you well in your lovely home and in your daily life.
With love and appreciation.

I Have Gained So Much From You.
Laura S. Dodson
Denver, Colorado  March 13 - April 10, 2016


Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.
Delicious Food, Excellent Tour Guiding, Great Conversation,
Gracious Hospitality. We will return.

Gracious Hospitality
Julie & Gary
Cyprus, April 6 - 11, 2017


Thank you for your kindness. It was excellent stay ever.
I'll come back to Chiang Rai and here.

Thank you for the wonderful time.
It was really great to be back here.
Thank you both for your hospitality.
I will be back soon with Leigha.

Excellent Stay
Shinnosuke and Shige
Yokohama and Bangkok, July 17-19, 2017


Thank you so much for the warm-hearted and friendly welcome.
We benefitted a lot from Sermsri's fine cooking and Steve's decent
care and his profound knowledge of the hill tribes and the Thai culture.
Hope to see you again. Our best wishes for you.

Warm Hearted and Friendly Welcome
Claudua and Friederich
Koln, Germany, July 31 - August 6, 2016


If the success of a vacation is measured in comfortable accommodation
and terrific food, then Lanna Thai Villa is the perfect site for an exceptional vacation.

If it is measured in serenity and aesthetic beauty, then this place is exemplary.

If it is measured in new experiences and exposure in learning and interchange, then
Lanna Thai Villa is superlative.

If it is measured in a sense of emotional satisfaction and mature spiritual fulfillment,
then we have found Nirvana!

Our stay here - all its many facets - has prepared us for our onward travels to
Chiang Mai and Bangkok and allowed us to begin to integrate and recuperate from
our pilgrimage to Bhutan

We have found Nirvana
Diane and Rhonda
Arlington, Virginia, October 24 - 28, 2016


Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful home,
we have had an amazing time and couldn't have felt
more welcome. Sermsri's cooking is amazing and Steve
is a very knowledgeable and patient guide. Murray's
Birthday welcome was unforgettable and we are so
appreciative of everything you have done for us.
All the best for the future.

Sermsri's Cooking is Amazing
Murray and Janet
New Zealand, November 1-6, 2016

Our second visit and hopefully not the last. Thank you
both. We had a very enjoyable visit. All the best.

Gracious Hospitality at its Best
Julie and Gary
Cyprus, November 1-6, 2016


Thank you so much for having us at your beautiful home.
We had a wonderful time and felt very much at home -
so different and much nicer compared to a hotel. Also
Mila our 4 year old daughter loved our stay here. The
food was brilliant! If we are back in the area we will come back.
Take care.

So different and Much Nicer Compared to a Hotel
Sonja, Philip and Mila
Hamburg, November 11-13, 2016


Thank you very much for this amazing stay in your
little paradise. The dinner yesterday evening and the
breakfast this morning have been delicious. We're
looking forward to visit you again with our big BMW

We're Looking Forward to Visit you Again
Stefanie and Tobias
Munich, November 17, 2016


Thank you very much for the gracious hospitality!
We enjoyed your company, the beautiful house and
the delicious food!!! The Lanna atmosphere with the
displayed objects of art gave us a special insight into
Thai culture.

We hope we will have the pleasure to stay with you

Thank You Very Much for the Gracious Hospitality
Stefan and Marianne
Switzerland, November 17, 2016


You have created such a space of tranquility and elegance -
thank you for sharing it and yourselves with us these few
days. You will stay with me in memory and heart. Always
welcome in NM.

You Will Stay With Me in Memory and Heart
New Mexico, November 20-24, 2016

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and relaxing home
with us all. It was a wonderful launch pad for Chiang Rai.
Will never forget the hospitality and wonderful food.

Los Angeles, November 20-24, 2016

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality - It has been
very special and memorable being here - a  special thanks
for the excellent food.

New Mexico, November 20-24, 2016

Being here with you has been memorable in so many ways:
warmth, hospitality, cuisine, atmosphere, doggies, surroundings.
I shall think of these four days with fondness for your corner
of Thailand. Thank you so much for sharing it all.

United States, November 20-24, 2016

You've offered the "icing on the cake" for our journey in
Thailand! You are such genuine and gracious people - fun and
knowledgeable - always a winning combination. It's been a delight
to meet you both and we both hope this will not be the last time
we meet. Thank you again for your gracious hospitality and
warm presence.

Livia and Irv
New Mexico, November 20-24, 2016.

What joy to meet you here after so many years - a past and present
with Roger Harmon. Your lovely home, delicious food, detailed hospitality
and travel/tour selections. Our photos will help us remember so many details
of this exquisite land you love. Be blessed at this season of thanksgiving -
You will remain in my heart for another 50 years?!! Abracos from Brazil.

New Mexico and Brazil, November 20-24, 2016


We really enjoyed our stay here. It was like in heaven.
Tasting real Thai food was absolutely brilliant. We also
relaxed much here. Thank you very much for your
hospitality during our stay here. A very big thank you.

It Was Like Heaven
Bianca and Uwe
Schwarzwald, Germany, November 24-25, 2016


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